Building Life Force Through Ayurvedic Botanical Medicines

Sunday, November 18, 11:00AM

Krotona Hall

Unfortunately, this class was cancelled due to injuries sustained by the presenter.

“Building Life Force Through Ayurvedic Botanical Medicines”

Mela Gaskins Butcher

In this presentation we will explore the Ayurvedic perspective on what we call Ojas or primary life force energy. We will focus on how to easily and steadily build our health working with classic botanical and life style tools according to the Ayurvedic system.


Mela Gaskins Butcher, MS, holds a five year degree in Kayachikitsa, or Ayurvedic internal medicine. Mela studied under the direction of the renowned Ayurvedic scholar Dr. Jyoti Ananda. She also holds a Masters in Science in Psychoneuroimmunology from the University of Washington. She is the the owner and director of the Center for Ayurveda in Los Angeles, CA.

Mela has been practicing Ayurvedic medicine since 1990 and has personally overseen more than 14,000 individual medical cases working with the Ayurvedic model. She is a frequent author, lecturer, and teacher trainer on the subjects of Yoga and Ayurveda in the US and abroad. She is the faculty head of an annual Ayurvedic school in Los Angeles in partnership with Yoga Works, and  is also the lead Ayurvedic lecturer and Ayurveda  curricula author  for Yoga Works teacher trainings.

Mela has also taught Yoga for over 35 years, and is certified in the Hatha, Iyengar, Bhakti, and Yoga Therapy traditions. She was raised by Yogis in the Self Realization Fellowship tradition (Paramahansa Yogananda) and was initiated as a Kriyaban at the age of 17.

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