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November 16 (Friday)

Krotona Hall

6:00PM ~ Check-In and Late Registration
Check-in for those already registered and late registration will begin Friday evening at Krotona Hall before the Opening Blessing by Julie Tumamait-Stenslie.

6:45PM ~ Opening Blessing by Chumash elder Julie Tumamait-Stenslie
Julie Tumamait-Stenslie has traced her family lineage from her father Vincent Tumamait to at least 11 known Chumash villages and as far back as the mid-18th Century. She is currently the Tribal Chair of the Barbareño/Ventureño Band of Mission Indians (Chumash). Read More

7:00PM ~ Keynote Address by Dr. Kevin Spelman
“Insights into Resilience: The Human-Plant Connection”. Read More

9:00PM ~ Social Hour
Join other symposium attendees for socializing at an Ojai venue to be determined.


November 17 (Saturday)

Krotona Hall

8:00AM ~ Check-In
Check-in for the weekend will continue at Krotona Hall prior to the first talk of the day.

9:00AM ~ Welcome and Introductions

9:30AM ~ James Adams, PhD
“Curing Chronic Pain” Read More

10:45AM ~ Sandy Messori, BS Ornamental Horticulture
“The Genesis of Rivendell Aromatics” Read More

11:45AM ~ Kevin Spelman, PhD
“Cannabidiol: The Anxiolytic, Anti-Inflammatory, Analgesic, Nootropic, Non-Euphoric Cannabinoid” Read More

12:45PM-2:15PM ~ LUNCH BREAK
Click here for lunch suggestions. Read More

2:15PM ~ Fred Siciliano, OMD, LAc, MH
“The Role of Nutritional Herbology in Natural Resilience” Read More

3:15PM ~ Pam Tarlow, PharmD
“Drug/Herb/Nutrient Interactions” Read More

4:30PM ~ Kevin Spelman, PhD
“The Terpenes of Cannabis” Read More

8:00PM-11:00PM ~
Phytotherapeutic Phunk Dance & Elixir Bar
at Greater Goods in Meiners Oaks
Read More

November 18 (Sunday)


8:00AM ~ Carol Wade, RH (AHG)
“Medicinal Herb Gardens – An Earthy Avenue for Community Health” Read More

8:00AM ~ Mela Gaskins Butcher, MS
Morning Yoga: All Levels Welcome! Read More

8:00AM ~ Jess Starwood
Herb Walk Read More


9:30AM ~ Amanda McQuade Crawford, MFT #107854, RH (AHG) & Mary Hardy, MD
“Medicinal Foods & Herbs: Which Adaptogen Suits You?” Read More

11:00AM ~ Mela Gaskins Butcher, MS
“Building Life Force Through Ayurvedic Botanical Medicines” Read More

12:00PM – 2:00PM ~ LUNCH BREAK
Click here for lunch suggestions. Read More


12:00PM-6:00PM ~ Herbal Marketplace
Chaparral Auditorium. Herbal Products and more for sample and sale. Open to the general public. Vendor applications welcome. Read More


2:00PM ~ Carol Wade, RH (AHG)
“Adaptogens, Nootropics, and Nervines- A Powerful Herbal Trinity” Read More

2:00PM ~ Julie Tumamait-Stenslie
“Learning the Language of the Earth and Its Plant World” Read More

2:00PM ~ Tonantzin Cihualcoutl Guerra
“Creating a Medicinal Ointment” Read More

2:00PM ~ Fred Siciliano, OMD, LAc, MH
“Ginger Root Tea & Mint Tea: Valuable Healing Agents and Resilient Friends” Read More


3:20PM ~ Tonantzin Cihualcoutl Guerra
“Perseverance, Prayer and Joy” Read More

3:20PM ~ Jess Starwood, MS Herbal Medicine
“Wild Epicure: Infusing Local Flavors and Healing Herbs into Gourmet and Everyday Cuisine for Vibrant Health” Read More

3:20PM ~ Mela Gaskins Butcher, MS
“Ayurveda’s Most Celebrated Herbal Medicines” Read More

3:20PM ~ Nathan Kaehler, DACM, LAc
“Herbs for Psycho-Spiritual Resilience and Healing Trauma, including PTSD” Read More


4:40PM ~ Tonantzin Cihualcoutl Guerra
Closing Circle Read More


5:00 – 6:00PM ~ Herbal Marketplace continues
Chaparral Auditorium. Read More

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