The Role of Nutritional Herbology in Natural Resilience

Saturday, November 17, 2:15PM

Krotona Hall


Acupuncturists, please note: We have been approved as Continuing Education Provider #1526 by the California Acupuncture Board. This lecture is one of 12 approved for 1 hour of Category 1 credit.

“The Role of Nutritional Herbology in Natural Resilience”

Dr. Fred Siciliano

Some herbs, by providing valuable sources of nutrition, promote natural resilience. They also help solve serious health problems caused by nutritional deficiencies. Also, recovery can be greatly aided by their nutritional support. Learn about these herbs, and how to create and prepare teas and powders for consumption – a great way to bring major benefit to all the systems of the body.

This presentation includes detailed discussion of: Alfalfa, Bladderwrack, Dandelion, Irish Moss, Mullein, Nettle, Oatstraw, Yellow Dock, and other complementing herbs.

FRED SICILIANO, OMD, LAc, MH, is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist and Medicinal Herb Specialist. In practice since 1981, in his clinic he integrates acupressure evaluation and treatment with western medicinal herbs, nutrition, acupuncture and lifestyle counseling for internal conditions and musculo-skeletal pain.

He received a BA in Social Science in 1973 thru the University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA with a focus on cross-cultural non-western studies, and which included an academic year in Bangalore, India. He pursued training in the classical music of North India at the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA and from 1973 -1976 he trained in Tai Chi Chuan at Cal Arts under Marshall Ho’o. He received an MFA in World Music performance from Cal Arts in 1975.

In 1977, he completed a one year training in Acupressure at the Acupressure Workshop in Santa Monica, CA under Ron and Iona Teeguarden. From 1977-1979, he studied Oriental herbs and nutrition under Dr. Thich An Thanh, a Vietnamese Taoist medical doctor, and Japanese Acupuncture under T. Araki, at the University of Oriental Studies, Los Angeles, CA.

For 8 years, starting in 1980, he was mentored by Sidney Yudin, a Russian-American Medicinal Herbologist, fluent in the uses of Russian, European, American, Chinese and South American medicinal herbs. He received a Master of Herbology degree thru Sidney, at Union University, Los Angeles, CA in 1982.

He attended Samra University of Oriental Medicine, Los Angeles, CA. from 1979 – 1983. This program included western clinical sciences and diagnosis, an advanced Acupuncture internship at the Beijing Medical College, China and studies in Chinese herbal medicine. His clinical doctorate dissertation was entitled “The Integration of Western Medicinal Herbs Into Traditional Chinese Medicine”. He received a California Acupuncture license in 1981, and the Doctor of Oriental Medicine degree in 1983.

Dr. Fred has taught thousands of students Acupressure, Herbs for Home Use, and Meditation and Stress Release, at seven community college programs in Los Angeles and Ventura counties from 1978 to 2004. He has taught senior year students and supervised clinic at three acupuncture colleges and has presented continuing education courses for Licensed Acupuncturists at Emperors College in Santa Monica, CA.  To find out more about him and his work, please go to


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