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Krotona Hall

Krotona Institute of Theosophy
46 Krotona Street

Saturday and Sunday presentations

Krotona Hall is located at the Krotona Institute. Situated in the beautiful Ojai Valley, the Institute also includes the Krotona Library and Research Center, Quest Bookshop, and School of Theosophy along with spacious gardens, meadows and woodlands.


Magic Hour Ceremonial Teas & Gifts

928 E Ojai Avenue

Friday evening Meet and Greet

Magic Hour is a Tea & Transformation company with a mission to connect our world through tea ceremony. Our organic ceremonial teas are made with love in mystical Ojai, California by Zhena Muzyka. Our Vision is to create connection through the simple act of sharing tea.

Contact Us

Lanny Kaufer

Phone: 805-646-6281



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