James D. Adams, PhD

James D. Adams, PhD


Saturday, November 17, 9:30AM  “Curing Chronic Pain”


Dr. James Adams is an Associate Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy. He has been teaching Pharmacy Students, Medical Students, Doctors and other healthcare professionals for over 30 years. He earned his PhD in Pharmacology from UC San Francisco in 1981 and has over 200 publications. Jim has worked with the Chumash people since 1998 and has been able to learn about Chumash healing from Cecilia Garcia. Cecilia and Jim wrote a book, Healing with Medicinal Plants of the West, and almost 30 journal articles together. Jim is knowledgeable about Botany and Entomology as well as healing with medicinal plants.

Dr. Adams brings to Ojai a wealth of scientific knowledge and field experience as well as a singular perspective on herbal medicine. As he tells it, “My family came to Virginia in 1635 and has always survived by using American Indian healing. On the frontier, there were no doctors. American Indian healing was better than European medicine anyway. I continue this tradition.”

He was recently featured in a beautifully illustrated cover story in the School of Pharmacy’s magazine, Results. Here is a link to an online edition of the magazine. Advance to page 14 for the article “The Healing Power of Plants” as seen below. You may have to do a quick, free signup for the online viewing service.

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