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Here is Herbal Thom in his own words from his website at http://herbalthom.com:

“Since an early age, I have been studying natural foods. In elementary school I was part of the YMCA Indian Guides and Nature Camp, where I began my fascination and study of edible and medicinal wild plants. From there, I would pore through field guides and books through my youth. This passion continued through my schooling with focus on botany, health, metaphysics, wellness, and extensive study of world religions. 

I have been practicing Qigong extensively with Jeff Primack and Supreme Science Qigong Foundation (SSQF) since 2005, with 1000+ hours of training. I am a certified workshop facilitator and teacher trainer, specializing in our Qigong Healing Levels 1, 2, 3 (Wuji Style) and 4, with further training in the Food Based Healing, Wuji for Kids, and Pranayama (breathwork). I have completed more than 21, 4-day workshops, including a tour with SSQC, of 12 cities in 8 States, assisting in 4-day seminars and personally training instructors. I have also personally co-hosted the first Qigong event in Spanish at the University of Miami, as I am fluent in the language. 

In addition to Qigong, I am a certified Tonic Herbalist, Quantum Reflex Analysis(QRA) Practitioner, Enzyme Expert, Reiki Master, Commissioned Pastoral Therapist and an Ordained Minister. I’ve been studying healing arts for nearly 20 years focusing on Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Nutrition, Reiki, Sacred Music as well as extensive Vocal training. I have also studied various forms of Yoga and Martial Arts including: Aikido, Kenpo, Kobudo, as well as Bhakti, Jivamukti, Mantra, Naada (Sound), Tantra, Taoist Yoga. I have completed Kirtan College at Kashi Ashram with Bhagavan Das and Durga Das. This study has included teachings and workshops with Sri Amma AmritanandamayiAmma Sri KarunamayiChief Sonne ReynaRon Teegarden, Botanist – David McLean, His Holiness the Dalai LamaLama Migmar TsetenShrila Narayan MaharajaDr. Michael Bernard BeckwithDr. Michael MirdadWim Hof, and Breath Master – Vajra Pranananda. 

I am devoted to healing on all levels, body mind and spirit. Through cultivating and sharing our gifts we are able to truly heal. I am perpetually in study of these arts in order to share the highest level of health with the community. I believe we are blessed to be born at this time of great change where ancient wisdom is now readily available for the expansion of consciousness worldwide.”

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    Tonic Herbalist, Qigong Trainer
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Speaker Details
  • Profession
    Tonic Herbalist, Qigong Trainer
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