Tonantzin Cihualcoutl Guerra-Rennick

Tonantzin Cihualcoutl Guerra-Rennick


Sunday, November 18, 11:00AM  “Perseverance, Prayer and Joy”

Sunday, November 18, 2:00PM  “Creating a Medicinal Ointment”

Tonantzin Cihualcoutl Guerra-Rennick, Native American Spiritual Advisor Emeritus and Interfaith Chaplain, is the founder and director of the Native Women’s Herbal Medicine Festival.

“My interest in healing of self/others and spiritual preservation began in the early ’70s during a time of turmoil for women of color epitomized by non-consensual sterilization and the movement towards ethnic, sexual, and political identification. My search began and still contains a practice of prayers, fasting, meditation, plantas, social activism and sacred ceremony. As a Xicana indígena my methodology is rooted in Mexic-Amerindian sacred practices.”

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